Night Dive Studios Confirms Turok 2 Port In The Works

by Matt Bertz on Oct 11, 2016 at 09:50 AM

Since its inception three years ago, Night Dive Studio has worked steadfastly to update classic games like System Shock 2 and The 7th Guest so they can run on modern PCs. Today it announced another beloved game getting the port treatment: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. 

Community manager Daniel Grayshon confirmed the project is in the works on Steam, saying:

We're well aware of the demand for Turok 2 and it is still in fact we started development just shortly after the launch of the first Turok. Turok 2 is a bigger game, more enemies, more weapons, more locations and most importantly...Turok 2 had multiplayer. In our quest to bring you the most authentic experience at the highest quality level available we've decided to give Turok 2 the love it deserves and release the game "when it's done" which is why all we've been able to say is this: Turok 2 is coming!

Night Dive's port of Turok: Dinosaur Hunt was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam, so the anticipation is already there for the sequel. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil originally released in 1998 on Nintendo 64 and PC to strong reviews; Game Informer originally gave the shooter a 9/10.


Our Take
The rapid improvements of gaming platforms makes saving these pieces of history important, and I'm glad studios like Night Dive are around to do the dirty work. Future generations deserve to experience weapons like the Cerebral Bore in all their gory glory.