GTA Online Adds Two New Vehicles, Sixth Purchasable Property

by Matt Bertz on Oct 11, 2016 at 05:15 AM

Hot on the heels of last week's Bikers update, which added motorcycle gangs to the already large mix of nefarious activities available in Grand Theft Auto Online, today Rockstar continued the content deluge with two new rides and a long-requested real estate expansion.

The two new vehicles include the "gangland style" Daemon Custom bike and the Kenny Powers approved Raptor three wheeler, both seen above. They look cool, but the news most GTA Online players are most excited about is likely the addition of a sixth purchasable property, which obviously includes a new garage to fill with cars, bikes, and anything else on wheels.

If you're headed back online today, you may want to check out the biker bonuses that run through October 24th, which include a new set of discounts, unlockable rewards, and a free black Western Logo hoodie that you get just for logging in. You can also earn double RP and GTA$ while playing the new Slipstream Adversary Mode. 

Our Take
The clip at which Rockstar continues to release new GTA Online content is impressive.