The Shrouded Isle Lets You Manage A Cult And Make Human Sacrifices

by Kimberley Wallace on Oct 05, 2016 at 04:01 AM

A new type of a management experience was announced today by Kitfox Games called The Shrouded Isle. In it, you run a cult and must provide your followers with food and shelter and do whatever you can to ensure survival. This means making a human sacrifice every season.

All the villagers are procedurally generated with their own flaws and virtues. "There's never a perfect choice – nobody is without redeeming qualities," says Kitfox Games director, Tanya Short. Do you sacrifice the kleptomaniac who's a popular musician or a mother of three who's in poor health? That's a choice for you, but only part of how the game will test you.

In addition, you have five political families vying for influence within the cult, and you must attempt to balance the power across them. Each family provides a service important to the cult, such as food or joy. The challenge comes from trying to survive as you sacrifice members from these different labor forces. You must do your best to run things smoothly and wisely, otherwise you run the risk of awakening and angering the gods. "There is no hope of salvation," Short says. "The Shrouded Isle (in art and in design) conveys the bleakness of simply struggling to survive. When the gods are deeply apathetic to humanity at best, what can you do but cherish each season as it passes?"

The Shrouded Isle hits PC via Steam this February. You can check out the announcement trailer below.