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The Nintendo 2DS Has New Color Schemes, Because Luigi's A Screw-up

by Jeff Marchiafava on Oct 05, 2016 at 09:45 AM

Nintendo's budget handheld is looking a lot more stylish thanks to a color redesign that the publisher is "blaming" on Mario's bumbling bro.

The original 2DS was easier on the wallet than it was on the eyes; the only color on the wedge-shaped unit was a stripe of either red or blue that ran down the sides of the handheld. That curious color scheme has now been tweaked by a new redesign that swaps the color to the face of the handheld for a more traditional look that Game Boy fans will likely appreciate. Nintendo revealed the new design, and the cause of it, in the following video.

The more colorful 2DS will still cost $79, and comes pre-installed with Mario Kart 7.


Our Take
While the new 2DS color schemes look great, this video should be deeply disturbing to any Nintendo fan. First of all, putting Mario in charge of operations is a huge mistake. While the mustachioed plumber is undoubtedly a huge star for the company, nothing about his previous outings suggests he would be good at running a business – you think Nintendo would've learned its lesson after the countless malpractice lawsuits that stemmed from "Doctor" Mario's promise of a miracle cure, but instead they're giving him even more leeway. Not only that, but who gave Mario the unilateral authority to put Luigi in charge? Luigi has proven time and time again to be completely incompetent – the mere idea of him running Nintendo should be enough to tank the company's stock, and yet not only did the company stand by Mario's decision, they decided to publish video of Luigi's major blunder? Things may have worked out fine this time, but if I was a stockholder, I would be seriously questioning Nintendo's leadership decisions right now.