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Report: Digital Homicide Drops Legal Action Against Steam Users

by Matt Miller on Oct 03, 2016 at 01:16 PM

Last month, we reported on a surprising court filing from developer Digital Homicide against online Steam users who had left negative reviews and comments about the company's games. Subsequently, Valve chose to remove that developer’s games from the popular online purchase platform, Steam. Today, TechRaptor is reporting that as of September 26, Digital Homicide has requested that the matter be dropped without any further action or prejudice, which appears to have been approved

According to details provided to TechRaptor by developer James Romine, the request to dismiss the matter is a function of financial inability, even though the developer believes that its case was strong. Based on quotes provided to TechRaptor, the developer faced significant challenges to its business following the removal of its games from Steam. 

We have reached out to Valve to confirm whether the request for its user data has indeed been dropped. We have also reached out directly to Digital Homicide for confirmation that they have ceased all legal action in the matter. If either respond, we will provide an update. 

[Source: TechRaptor]


Our Take
This has been an odd story from the outset. Digital Homicide’s choice to attempt legal action against online commenters rubbed many the wrong way, and the company has faced backlash both from the gaming public and from those who control Steam, the platform on which its games were sold.