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Capcom Issues Street Fighter V Update To Delete 'Capcom.sys' File

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 01, 2016 at 06:33 AM

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Last week we chronicled the saga of Street Fighter V's September 1.09 update, which added a character and a number for new features but also contained a dangerous file called "Capcom.sys." The file was originally planned as an anti-cheating measure but opened up a back door hackers could potentially use to introduce malicious software into users' computers. Capcom rolled back the update last week (leaving the characters and features intact), but players still had to manually delete Capcom.sys from their computers and hope it hadn't affected any registries.

Capcom has issued another update, this time including a tool players can use to locate and remove all traces of the file. According to Capcom, players should download the latest update directly from Steam, restart their computer, and launch the included deletion tool. Here are Capcom's full instructions for using the deletion tool:

1. Close the Street Fighter V application. 

2. Please keep the Steam client open. The Street Fighter V game update will begin automatically. Once the update is complete, you will notice 2 batch files have been added to the folder path below. (Please note that the location of the batch files may vary, depending on the users settings) 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\Tools

3. Right click on DeleteSFVdriver_en.bat, and select “Run as administrator."
If you double click on the tool to run it, the tool will not run.
DeleteSFVdriver_ja.bat is the same tool with Japanese instructions.

4. Follow the instruction prompts. 

5. The tool will prompt you to restart your PC. Please restart your PC. 

6. Once your PC has restarted, right click on the DeleteSFVdrive_en.bat and select “Run as administrator”. 

7. Once the message “Capcom.sys or related registry doesn’t exist. End the program.” is displayed, the files have been deleted.

The deletion tool is a .bat file, which Capcom used "so that users can see the source code and be assured that this file does not contain any harmful data." .bat files are also easily manipulated, since their source code is visible. For this reason, Capcom warns players to not download the file from a third-party source. "Obtaining this file through other sources can put you at risk of opening up your system to additional security risks. "

[Source: Street Fighter V Steam page]

Our Take
I can't be the only one who thinks this is a strange fix for the issue, right? Having to run a command prompt in order delete a file a game installed on my computer (and worrying about malicious .bat files) was definitely not something I'd foreseen myself doing in 2016. I love the heck out of Street Fighter V, but issues like this only further cement the game's bad reputation among casual players. That said, they've been fairly proactive about fixing this issue, so props to them on that front.