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[Update] Capcom Rolls Back Security Measures In Latest Patch

by Jeff Cork on Sep 24, 2016 at 06:08 AM

Update 09/24/16: The patch rolling back the security measures is live as of last night. Users no longer have to accept a prompt asking if Street Fighter V can make changes to their computer in order to launch the game.

We should note the update does not remove the "Capcom.sys" file, which was causing issues for many users. Players should find the file (which is located in the System32 folder of their computer) and delete it manually.

Update 09/23/16: Capcom has announced via Twitter it will be reverting the security measures in this week's update.

Players will still retain all the content from the update (Urien, the new costumes, color packs, and missions) when the rollback occurs. Capcom did not announce when the update would be rolled back, only promising they would post an update about the situation in the near future.

The update had installed a Capcom.sys file into players System32 folder, and many users claimed their anti-virus software recognized the files as a virus or rootkit, preventing the game from running. The update required a "handshake" to launch the game, which asked users to agree to Street Fighter V making changes to their computers. Many users were uncomfortable with the request, but without that handshake, the game would not run. - Suriel Vazquez

Original story:

The recent Street Fighter V update is preventing some PC players from launching the game, and Capcom says it's looking into the issue.

The update installs a new system-level file called Capcom.sys, and some users are apparently getting a corrupted version of that file. It appears to be connected to Capcom's recent anti-piracy measures, which were implemented with this new update.

It isn't affecting everyone, but if you haven't already updated it makes sense to hold off until the situation is fixed.


Our Take
While it's great that they're looking into the issue, it's cold comfort for people who just want to play the game they bought.