Street Fighter V's DLC Character Urien Is Arriving Next Week Alongside Update

by Elise Favis on Sep 17, 2016 at 08:40 AM

Capcom announced at the Tokyo Game Show that Street Fighter V's final DLC character, Urien, will be joining the game's roster as soon as next week.

This addition will arrive alongside a hefty update that includes a new Vs. CPU mode, new environmental stage KO's, and a slew of bug fixes. Those with a season pass will be treated to additional goodies such as more color options for costumes.

Urien, the vice president of the Illuminati, will be a character purchasable with Fight Money or through Steam and the PlayStation store. For season pass holders, he'll be immediately available when the update is live. Check out his character trailer below.

Urien and the update will be added to Street Fighter V by September 22.

In the update, players will now be able to select "Vs. CPU" which is a mode that allows you to fight against the A.I. The update will also include stat tracking and purchasable color bundles for customization. Season pass holders will be given even more color options.

New daily targets will help you earn Fight Money, which can be used to buy additional content. 

Additionally, new environmental KO's will now be seen in the stages below:

  • Shadaloo Base
  • Hillside Plaza
  • Underground Arena
  • Forgotten Waterfall
  • Union Station
  • Kanzuki Estate
  • City in Chaos
  • Apprentice Alley
  • Lair of the Four Kings

Several bug fixes will also be added. You can read about all of them, as well as the full details of the update, by heading to Capcom's blog. Read our review of Street Fighter V here.

[Source: Capcom]