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With Gratitude From New Jersey

by Mike Futter on Sep 14, 2016 at 08:16 AM

I’ve never been good at saying farewell. And that goes doubly so for my Game Informer colleagues and this wonderful community. You have been my life for for nearly half a decade, and I’m grateful for the kind words, spirited debates, and thoughtful responses to my work.

In February 2013, I took a train into New York City to meet with Andy McNamara and Andrew Reiner. They were in town for the PlayStation 4 reveal, and I entered the Ace Hotel with my heart in my throat. I wanted the job, but I knew I couldn’t uproot my family. We had just purchased a house. My wife’s position meant a move to Minnesota was impossible. Andy took a chance on me, and I will be forever grateful for it.

I have had amazing opportunities at Game Informer. Covering E3 with the team is an experience unlike any other, with a fully-staffed “war room” operating as a well-oiled news machine. Gamescom, one of the most challenging shows (especially for U.S.-based writers), was each year’s hike up Everest (though without the danger…mostly). One of many highlights during my time was writing a cover story for the magazine, exploring the science and minds behind the still nascent virtual reality sector.

I had the opportunity to break big stories, dive deep into murky legal coverage, and untangle the complexities of the industry’s sometimes strange financial relationships. Each day was filled with new challenges to uncover and, often, unexpected joy. Many of those bright spots came from you, the readers, taking the time to respond via comment, email, or social media. Even on the challenging financial stories, the audience showed there was a desire for mature reporting.

While I am just one page in Game Informer’s 25-year story, I hope I have left a positive mark. If during my time, you read my work, learned something new about your favorite game or developer, or gained clarity about a complex issue, I’ll count it as a success.