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Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh Gremlins Preview

by Daniel Tack on Sep 13, 2016 at 06:00 AM

Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Kaladesh set is filled with vibrant spells and majestic artifacts.

With an all new energy resource, vehicles for creatures to hop inside and pilot, and decision making mechanics taking center stage, Wizards of the Coast is moving hard from the gothic horror of the last year and going bright and brilliant. If you're heading out into this realm of creativity and artifice, these preview cards may help wreck and ruin an opposing mage's great inventions.

While some of the other colors have moved to make the most of amazing contraptions and wild artifacts, red comes with a new threat to smash and destroy all the tinkering and toiling. Not goblins, not yeti, not orcs, and not barbarians, but the somewhat disturbing and somehow cuddly gremlins! Check out two of the new gremlin cards below!

Kaladesh launches on September 30, with prerelease events happening on September 24-25 if you want a chance to get started on those incredible inventions early.