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Carryover Iron Banner Bounties Have Disappeared In Destiny Patch

by Matt Miller on Sep 09, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Yesterday’s Destiny patch brought with it a host of changes, not the least of which was a comprehensive weapon rebalance, but other minor changes are also likely to affect quality of life for players. To the chagrin of some players, one of the other adjustments is the sudden absence of open Iron Banner bounties from your Guardian’s bounty listing. 

In a post on the game’s official forums, and in a follow-up tweet, Bungie has confirmed that this is a purposeful move in order “to make way for the new structure of the event in Destiny: Rise of Iron.” 

Previously, in our cover story on the game, we had reported that Iron Banner bounties and progression were to be overhauled. Specifically, reaching rank 5 will now be easier than before, the tempered buff is being removed, and the wearing of specific items will no longer affect how quickly you rank up. In addition, we were told at the time that completing an Iron Banner bounty will immediately reward equipment or weapons. If existing older bounties from the second year of the game were still present, it's easy to imagine how that might cause problems. 

Regardless of reasoning, some players undoubtedly had open Iron Banner bounties from previous tournaments which they were waiting to turn in either for legendary marks after Rise of Iron launches, or for Iron Banner reputation once the first post-expansion Iron Banner launches. As those older bounties have been removed, that will no longer be an option. 


Our Take
Bungie is making a smart move to remove the older Iron Banner bounties to clear the slate before the expansion launches. However, there's no doubt that a heads-up to players would have been appreciated in advance of the bounties disappearing. As it is, many players might have had the opportunity to turn those bounties in and get some helpful legendary marks as a reward for their time spent in the competitive tournament. Instead, those bounties have now disappeared without reward, and judging by early response in the Destiny community, the lack of warning related to the issue has left some players crying foul.