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Horizon Zero Dawn Showcased At PlayStation Meeting

by Daniel Tack on Sep 07, 2016 at 09:40 AM

A new video shown at PlayStation Meeting 2016 showcased some exciting new footage from Guerrilla Games' upcoming action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the video, we see Aloy zipping over high canyon areas and mounting a massive mechanical monster.

Aloy climbs up the construct piece by piece, jumping, grappling, and running around each jutting outcrop on the robot while suspenseful music plays. We're not quite sure what the creature's attitude toward Aloy is here, but it's perhaps unfriendly.

At the top of the beast, Aloy inserts her spear into the creature exposing wirework, and causing what appears to be a massive electrical storm.

The giant creature then trots out majestically away from our protagonist and off into the distance. Did Aloy turn the beast toward her side, freeing it from the control of malicious forces with her abilities? We will find out more as Horizon Zero Dawn continues to intrigue us all the way to release.

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