Report: Uncharted Movie Delayed Indefinitely, But Not Dead

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 06, 2016 at 03:07 PM

Sony's film adaptation of Uncharted was originally planned for next Summer, but the movie has temporarily been removed from the calendar.

Deadline reports that the movie is not dead – it has just had its date removed in order to give it more development time. In this way, the film seems to be drawing strongly from the source material.

The film's writer, Joe Carnahan, recently tweeted about the film's opening with some clear excitement.

Carnahan is also a director with credits including The A-Team, The Grey, and the upcoming Bad Boys sequel, Bad Boys for Life. That film is due in 2018 and there is speculation that the removal of Uncharted's date may be in order to make sure Carnahan can direct the film, when his schedule allows.

For more on the Uncharted movie, head here.

[Source: Deadline]


Our Take
In and around 2011, director David O. Russell was working on an Uncharted film project. His proposed Uncharted movie starred Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and followed a family of treasure hunters. Many cried foul over how different this had the potential to be from the games, but that's still the Uncharted movie I would like to see. Russell is a great director – the best of those proposed for Uncharted to date – and an Uncharted story about a family of treasure hunters is pretty much what Uncharted 4 was, and it was great. That version of the movie is almost certainly dead and buried, but it is still the one I was most interested in actually watching.