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Super Mario Maker Coming To 3DS This December

by Brian Shea on Sep 01, 2016 at 04:08 AM

Nintendo has announced that it is bringing its acclaimed Wii U game, Super Mario Maker, to 3DS this December. The 3DS version features a few big changes, but the core concept of creating a stage and sharing it with someone remains intact.

All of the tools available in the Wii U version are included in Super Mario Maker for 3DS's creation suite. However, the Mystery Mushroom power-up, which lets you dress Mario up like other characters in Super Mario Bros.-themed stages, is not included, nor is the collection of costumes associated with it. In addition, you cannot search for a stage by course ID, a major feature used by Wii U players. Players can still enjoy Wii U-created stages through online modes like the 100 Mario Challenge and "Recommended Courses." In addition, some courses created in the Wii U version may not be compatible (likely the ones that use the Mystery Mushroom power-up, but Nintendo didn't clarify).

While the limitations definitely change the way you share your courses, Nintendo hopes to take advantage of the portability of the 3DS. You can share your 3DS-created courses with friends locally and via StreetPass, as well as share incomplete courses with local friends to collaborate with friends.

Stages now also contain medal objectives, rewarding you for accomplishing set feats like collecting all coins in a stage, or defeating all enemies. As was the case with the Wii U version, Super Mario Maker for 3DS ships with 100 Nintendo-created courses.

Super Mario Maker launches on Nintendo 3DS on December 2.