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PlayStation 4 Slim Exists, Even If Sony Won't Announce It

by Mike Futter on Aug 30, 2016 at 04:26 AM

Yes, the PlayStation 4 Slim exists. Yes, there is video evidence. No, Sony still won't confirm it's real.

Last week, we covered the emergence of the new hardware. The evidence included pictures and even a video taken by Eurogamer proving the console works (though legal issues forced the site to remove the footage).

Today, Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games got her hands on one of the unannounced, disavowed, but clearly real consoles. In a complete unboxing video (here), she shows the console's features, the new controller with a top-facing light bar, and more. There's also a review, though the site is currently being hit with heavy traffic.

One of the surprising things about the PlayStation 4 Slim is the absence of any new nomenclature. Simply called the PlayStation 4, it appears Sony will be replacing the original form factor entirely.

Further, the console lacks an optical port. That means that any headset that relies on one will be non-functional with the new model. This includes most wireless headsets from manufacturers requiring audio via TOSLINK, including Astro, Turtle Beach, LucidSound, and more.

We've (again) reached out to Sony, which has not responded to our emails. The company is holding an event in New York City on September 7, presumably to show off this new hardware and the upcoming PlayStation Neo.

[Source:, LPVG on YouTube]


Our Take
At this point, Sony looks a bit silly. The console is clearly real. It doesn't appear to offer any earthshattering changes from the original model. Pretending it doesn't exist at this point doesn't make much sense.