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Pay To Have Master Chief Yell At You Via New Bluetooth Speaker

by Suriel Vazquez on Aug 27, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Need a new speaker to round out your living room sound system? Spartan John-117 might be all you need.

Pre-orders have begun for the ACWorldwide Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker, which is exactly what its title implies. You can pair it with any other bluetooth device and listen to music, podcasts, or live streams through the classic green-and-gold helmet. When you pair a device to the speaker, you can hear Chief's voice actor Steve Downes, "I've got a job to do." Pre-ordering or purchasing the speaker within 60 days of release gets you 25 percent off the $239 asking price.

You can also get two other speakers based on the Spartan Athlon armor from Halo 5: Guardians. You can see more detailed specs for the speaker at ACWorldwide's official website.

[Source: ACWorldWide via COGConnected]


Our Take
I'm looking at setting up a sound system myself, but I'll have to do more research on speakers and such before I see if Master Chief has what it takes to greet everyone who visits my apartment by blasting Death Grips songs at them.