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Game Of Thrones Composer Provides Score For Gears Of War 4

by Jeff Cork on Aug 26, 2016 at 04:21 AM

Audio is a huge component for establishing a mood or tone in games. For its upcoming Gears of War 4, Microsoft and The Coalition enlisted a composer who has worked on some memorable soundtracks over the years, perhaps most notably on HBO's series Game of Thrones.

According to The Associated Press, Ramin Djawadi wanted the soundtrack to remain faithful to what the series has done in the past, while incorporating some of the unusual instrumentation that he's become known for in his work in film and television. Djawadi has composed soundtracks for a variety of high-profile projects over the years, including the recent Warcraft movie, Pacific Rim, Iron Man, and the upcoming HBO series Westworld.

Gears of War 4 is set for an October 11 release date on Xbox One.

[Source: The Associated Press via NeoGAF]


Our Take
The podcast Song Exploder (which you should probably be listening to if you aren't already) had a great episode that featured Djawadi and his work on Game of Thrones' main title theme. It's a fascinating look at how he works and approached that project, and it might give you some additional insight on what to expect from his upcoming work on Gears of War 4.