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PlayStation’s Long Overdue Two-Factor Authentication Is Finally Live

by Mike Futter on Aug 25, 2016 at 03:59 AM

Back in 2011, PlayStation Network suffered its most devastating attack ever. It’s been more than five years since Sony asked for forgiveness on stage at E3, but today a security measure called two-factor authentication has finally been added to PlayStation Network accounts.

While this measure wouldn't have stopped the PlayStation Network breach, it is something many users expected to see implemented as part of Sony's stated commitment to improving user security. Two-factor authentication is a process that requires an additional component beyond basic login and password. If you use a authenticator or get a text message with a one-time use code when logging in, you’re already familiar with this kind of security measure.

Last night, Sony quietly announced that two-factor authentication is available. You can set it up via this website.

Once you do, when you login, you'll get a six-character code to enter. At this time, text message seems to be the only mechanism for receiving authentication codes.


Our Take
Sony isn’t making a big deal of this (though it should), likely because this is so very late. In the intervening years, there have been numerous reports from users of account hijacking. Some PlayStation 4 owners have reported that their accounts have been sold on the black market to unwitting buyers, their primary PS4 console changed, and charges made to their accounts.

The PlayStation team was asleep at the switch for years. Amidst all the cries for features – PSN ID changes, external hard-drive support, and being able to change your account country – this should have been top of the list.