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Respawn Is Making Changes To Titanfall 2 Based On Player Concerns

by Mike Futter on Aug 24, 2016 at 07:16 AM

Titanfall has undergone some big changes since the first game’s release. In addition to adding a much-needed single-player campaign, Respawn has tuned player controls and how Titans are activated. Fans weren’t enthused by some of what they played in last weekend’s technical test.

In response, Respawn has explained some of its decisions and how it plans to adjust things on the road to release. You’ll see some new content in the second technical test this weekend, including a new map called ForwardBase Kodai.

In the extensive post, Respawn says that lowered pilot movement speed to make sure things weren’t quite so erratic in close fights. The studio also acknowledged that in the first entry, it was too easy to get shot from the side or behind.

However, there are some unintended effects that caused players to slow down while wall-running and chaining those moves together. That is being addressed.

If you played in the technical test, you no doubt noticed that earning your titan is a bit different this time out. You’ll need to work for it in Titanfall 2, and playing the objectives is the best way to speed things up.

Despite that, Respawn noticed that acquisition was slower than intended in the technical test. That will be tuned with the goal of players getting at least one Titan drop every match.

The pilot rodeo move as also been changed significantly. In Titanfall 1, if you got on top of a Titan, pilots either needed to exit their mech or rely on a teammate to flick the bug off the roof. 

Rodeos are far less lethal this time out. Pilots can steal batteries and deliver them to friendly Titans. Not only does this inspire teamwork, but it will contribute to Titan survivability. That said, Respawn plans to dial down the amount of damage some weapons can inflict on Titans.

The studio also wants players to know that the tech test doesn’t include the fastest titans in the game. Ion and Scorch have been dinged for feeling too slow, but other options will be available at launch.

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[Source: Respawn]


Our Take
I had the opportunity to play Titanfall 2 at Gamescom and it was significantly slower. This helps clear up some of the design decisions and point out where things weren’t quite working as intended. I’m glad the wall running is getting addressed, and I’m interested to give it another shot this weekend.