30 Minutes Of Alleged Unfinished Goldeneye 007 Remake For Xbox Live Arcade Appears Online

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 23, 2016 at 02:57 PM

A video appeared online recently showing a large amount of what is, allegedly, an official remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, Goldeneye 007, which was at one point planned for release on Xbox Live Arcade.

The video comes care of website and YouTube account, Rare Thief. It shows off familiar levels Dam, Facility, Surface, Cradle, and Aztec, some of the multiplayer features, and also shows an option that lets players switch between old and upgraded visuals.

Supposedly, Rare was working on remaking Goldeneye for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade in 2007 (source: Unseen64), but outside forces prevented the game from being released. Presumably, this is footage from that unreleased game, but it is difficult to confirm. Activision did release a game called Goldeneye in 2011, and while it shared a lot of overlap with the Nintendo 64 game, it was more brand new game than remake. You can read our review of that game here.

There is a fan recreation of the original Goldeneye currently in development and you can find some information about it right here.

[Source:, Rare Thief on YouTube]


Our Take
I played Activision's 2011 Goldeneye on both Xbox 360 and DS, and was immensely disappointed in both. I just wanted a cleaned up version of the game I loved on Nintendo 64, and while the remake offered some interesting Call of Duty-esque moments, it just wasn't the same. If this was truly the remake the video implies, I would have loved to have played it – I would still love to play it. Regardless of the veracity of the game in the video, it's still nice to see a cleaned up Goldeneye with a nice framerate in action.