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Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Closes Rio Olympics Dressed As Mario

by Mike Futter on Aug 22, 2016 at 03:27 AM

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are now over, with last night’s closing ceremony wrapping up two weeks of intense competition. The IOC (and the world) now look ahead to the 2020 summer games, which will be hosted in Tokyo.

As part of a ceremonial hand-off, Tokyo had a presence in last night’s proceedings. And prime minister Shinzo Abe paid tribute to one of the country’s most important exports: gaming.

The industry’s most iconic character was on-hand to take the ball and run with it. Below, you can see how Mario made a big splash at the games, with Japan’s leader getting in the spirit. It’s not every day a world leader travels by warp pipe.

Update: NBC has opted to disable embedding for this short, 54-second clip. If you're interested in seeing it, you can check it out on YouTube here.