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Reader Discussion Round-Up – The Multiplayer Games You're Great At

by Suriel Vazquez on Aug 21, 2016 at 10:56 AM

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Yesterday we asked you, the Game Informer community, to tell us about the multiplayer games you excel at. A lot of you chimed in across our comments section, Twitter, and other social media channels. Let's see what games you've mastered!

By far the most popular game listed was Overwatch. This shouldn't be surprising, considering that it's both immensely popular and a high point for multiplayer shooters (you can read Dan Tack's review of it here). It's also one of the most accessible games in the genre, meaning that many people can pick it and find some way to contribute to their team. And once you find a character you like, you can start improving and getting those Plays of the Game (unless Bastion steals them from you).

Then you have your usual suspects: Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield. These shooters may not be as colorful or approachable as Overwatch, but they allow you to tune the game to your needs, which means anyone can create their own comfort zone. The Super Smash Bros. series was another popular pick, with many people citing it as the game they could best their friends at. Finally, Destiny got some good representation, though it was hard to distinguish between the Crucible gods and the Raid masters.

We also had a few surprise picks in the mix, too. The Assassin's Creed multiplayer, which had players disguising themselves as computer-controlled characters to get close to their enemies, wasn't successful enough to become a regular event for the series. But it seems to have captured quite a few of your hearts, and isn't that what matters in the end?

From there, you gave us a smattering of less-popular favorites: Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, 007: Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart, Hearthstone, Star Wars: Battlefront, Counter-Strike. Only two of you mentioned non-Smash fighting games (Tekken and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), which bums me out a bit, but I'll take it.

Did we miss your game of choice? Give it a shoutout in the comments.