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gamescom 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Includes A Good Ol' Trench Run

by Mike Futter on Aug 17, 2016 at 03:47 AM

One of the bigger complaints about Star Wars Battlefront is that it keeps combat relatively grounded. Sure, you can strap into an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter, but you couldn't soar into the blackness of space. That's about to change.

In September, EA will release the third of four Star Wars Battlefront DLC packs. The Death Star add-on isn't just a march down the space station's glossy halls. It's a three-part saga that kicks off with an epic space battle around a huge Star Destroyer.

The mission, dubbed Battle Station, begins with the Rebellion attempting to clear the way toward the Death Star by obliterating a Star Destroyer. Waves of Y-Wings will swoop in, bombing the massive ship. The Empire must hold off the fleet for 10 minutes. This segment was much more satisfying than the terrestrial ship battles featured so far. Having more room to maneuver, asteroids to duck behind, and the giant Star Destroyer to dodge was the most fulfilling time I've had in one of Battlefront's starfighters.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to play the other two segments. Following the Star Destroyer fight, the battle goes indoors on foot, where soldiers rush through the space station's corridors in a pitched battle. This section is a great place to try out the two new playable heroes, Chewbacca and Bossk. Finally, the Death Star mission wraps up with one of Star Wars' most iconic moments. You'll have a chance to bullseye an exhaust port in as you fly the Death Star trench in an X-Wing while Vader tries to stop you in his TIE Advanced.

Look for the Death Star DLC next month, with a two-week lead-in for season pass holders. For more, check out our review.