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PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 Detailed

by Matthew Kato on Aug 15, 2016 at 04:03 AM

Sony has detailed some of what's in the PS4's upcoming 4.00 update, which will be available to those in the beta program shorty.

The update includes some visual tweaks to the game's main interface and quick menu (the screen that comes up when you hold down the PlayStation button), but more important are the added functionality and ease-of-use features.

The quick menu and the share menu (for editing, dispersing clips/screens) now only take up a portion of your screen while you're playing, and users can customize the quick menu as well as use it to see the online status of friends and as a shortcut to other areas.

Clips uploaded to Twitter can now be significantly longer – up to 140 seconds from just 10 previously. The process is also made faster by the fact that it saves the last social network you've uploaded to.

Trophies can be seen if your system is offline, players have the option to see the name and info of hidden trophies, and you can compare your trophy progress with others from their profile. Speaking of profiles, you can now add a background image to your profile.

Last but not least, folders are being added for your games and apps so you can keep them more organized. This includes a new "Purchased" tab in your library and new ways to sort through it.

Sony says the update 4.0 includes more changes, and it will announce the official release date for it in a few weeks. For more details click the source link below.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]


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