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New Street Fighter V Update Hits Rage-Quitters Hard

by Joe Juba on Aug 15, 2016 at 11:14 AM

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Victory is sweet, and being robbed of that satisfaction by sore losers is disappointing. The August update for Capcom’s flagship fighter puts new measures in place to keep players from leaving an online match before it has concluded.

The update is scheduled to be applied on August 16 during server maintenance. After that, new consequences will be applied for players that try to unfairly avoid a loss by quitting. “We are aware of the Rage Quitting issue, and this update will continue our efforts toward resolving it,” reads an update on Capcom-Unity. “We will make a second update to the existing Rage Quitting system with stricter guidelines for players who disconnect before the match is over. Players who are penalized will lose League Points and be locked out of online matching for a set time.”

This is Capcom’s latest (but not the first) step toward rectifying the rage-quitting epidemic, which was especially bad closer to launch.

[Source: Capcom-Unity]

Our Take
Rage-quitting is a terrible behavior in any game, but the heart of Street Fighter V is online competition. If Capcom can't police that environment and make it rewarding for hardcore players, that's a serious problem. Thankfully, the steps the company is taking seem to be having an effect – though they probably won't stop the practice completely.