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reader discussion

Reader Discussion Round-Up – Your Best No Man's Sky Discoveries

by Suriel Vazquez on Aug 14, 2016 at 10:15 AM

We asked you to send us your favorite discoveries in No Man's Sky, and you delivered. Of all the possible creatures, planets, artifacts, and other things to discover in the universe, how is it that our readers found the best ones? It must be chance.

Gary Thomas found the mascot for the next Dreamworks animated film hidden in the game! What brilliant co-marketing!

Speaking of things I'm okay with looking at but should probably not eat, Sam Decoverly found the next pit stop I'll be tempted to visit but won't.

Rival_M seems to have found something out of a David Lynch film. "Today I found this four legged thing, but instead of feet or hooves, at the end of each leg was ANOTHER set of tiny legs, three or four each, it's hard to tell with this running animation, and those end in tiny hooves. These aren't fingers. They move like little legs. Watching it gallop is just bizarre. It has a cow's body, a camel's hump, and an enormous bird beak on its head. I mean it looks like something out of Greek mythology."

Dustin found this weird little critter somewhere, and I'm not sure it has the physiology to survive whatever ecosystem birthed it.

For jeffers3000, No Man's Sky is about the journey, not the destination. "I realised you can go far away enough from your ship that it no longer appears on your radar. Spent an hour wondering a barren wasteland trying to find a Launchpad to call it back to."

Tom Steinberg found a creature straight out of a Shadow of the Colossus boss fight, complete with stormy weather.

For DarkDoc26, it was all about finding those clever girls. "I was wandering around on a new planet, and noted in my visor a bunch of red dots signifying new species. I walk to the top of the hill, and there are probably fifty different animals from several different species of different sizes and shapes just wandering around near a lake. And all I can think is 'They're moving in herds... they do move in herds,' while the theme from Jurassic Park plays in my head. " 

Taylor found a creature so indescribable that I'm going to stop describing it after this sentence.


Some discoveries were less majestic but more satisfying. TheReaping1234's favorite discovery was the one that made him rich. "In my first few hours of playing, I flew around the 5 planets I had discovered and searched for massive lime green glowing deposits of Emeril. I netted 2 mil credits alone off of the excess Emeril I brought in. Almost did the same for all the extra Plutonium I hauled in. While not worth quite as much as Emeril, it still nets you a very very pretty penny. "

Meanwhile, itzybitzyspyder found what everyone was looking for this whole time.

Patrick O'Conner found this great view that wouldn't be out of place in the new Rock of Ages game.

Oh, and some guy named Wade found this incredible underwater base or whatever.

Have any discoveries of your own? Let us know in the comments.