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No Man’s Sky Patch Incoming, Hello Games Hires Large QA Team

by Mike Futter on Aug 12, 2016 at 02:48 AM

No Man’s Sky has captured the minds and gaming time of a huge swath of the gaming public. It isn’t a bug-free experience though, with crashes and strange incident occurring for many players.

In order to get things fixed up, Hello Games has hired a new QA team that is larger than the entirety of the current studio staff. Additionally, the developer is moving to a ticketed support system, with a dedicated manager starting on Monday, August 15.

Hello Games has also offered workarounds for some of the bigger issues facing players on PS4 right now. For those that find themselves at the bottom of a chasm, the studio says that you can use infinite jetpack when pushed against a surface. You can also revert to one of two previous saves if you find yourself in a bind.

There has also been chatter about a bug related to the pre-order bonus ship. That vessel comes with a hyperdrive installed (something other players need to discover and craft). 

However, if you purchase a new ship, the craft likely won’t have one, and you’ve not been directed to complete the steps required to secure the blueprint and build one. Provided you don’t buy a new ship too early in the game, you’ll be directed to an NPC that will provide you with what you need to get one. 

According to Hello Games, of the 135 emails it has received about this, 107 people (79.3 percent) were able to continue on. If you find yourself in that situation, try to reboot your console and re-enter the game, as that might trigger the NPC alert.

This will be fixed in a patch so that all players who have the pre-order ship can continue on. The update will also include repairs for the frequent crashes.

“The number of people players, and length of average play session, has been far more than our small team could have anticipated,” writes company founder Sean Murray. “That said, we’re working quickly to adapt. We sincerely apologise to anyone affected in the meantime.”

Timing for the patch has not been announced. Murray says it should be along in the "near future."

[Source: Hello Games]


Our Take
While it’s great that Hello Games has brought on a new, large QA team, I have to wonder why that didn’t happen before launch. Especially as the studio is trying to the PC version out today, having a separate team to make sure that everything is working as intended seems like it would have been a good idea before August 9.