Sony Holding Meeting In New York City On September 7

by Mike Futter on Aug 09, 2016 at 12:36 PM

Sony has announced a meeting on September 7 that will take place in New York City. Specifics haven’t been revealed beyond the broad topic of “the PlayStation business.”

The likely topic of conversation is the PlayStation Neo, which was casually announced right before E3. At that time, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and global CEO Andrew House offered little details other than to confirm the device’s existence.

One thing House did make clear is that the Neo is designed to be part of the product line alongside PlayStation 4. It is not intended to replace the nearly three-year-old console.

Exact specifications have not been announced, though some have been rumored. However, with Microsoft pulling the curtain back just a bit on its next generation console, Project Scorpio, there’s no certainty that Sony hasn’t changed up its plans.


Our Take
While there’s nothing confirming this is the PlayStation Neo reveal (or at least a discussion about it), the vagueness of the invitation does hint at something the company isn’t quite ready to acknowledge.