Evolve Stage 2 Receives A Volcanic Update Today

by AJ Moser on Aug 09, 2016 at 09:20 AM

August is poised to bring some serious updates to Evolve Stage 2, including new hunters and various improvements to the gameplay and community. As part of the five-week rollout, Cataclsym hits Steam today with a new map variation and matchmaking queue.

The Orbital Drill map has undergone a makeover with the new update, as the Cataclysm map features the same layout but now overflowing with lava. Meteors will rain down from the sky, some that heal and some that damage both hunters and monsters. Get a look at the new map in a video tour, seen below.

Cataclysm will be available in multiplayer rotation starting today, both in general Hunt matchmaking and the new co-op queue. This much-requested features adds relaxed games of co-op vs AI on the available planet Shear maps. This is the first of two planned co-op updates this month, paving the way for an all new co-op experience in Evolve Stage 2.

Quantum Ciara and Electro Griffin were recently added to Evolve Stage 2, with even more content expected this month. Though the free-to-play model is being considered for consoles, it won't be until PC testing is done that we receive any major news on that front.

[Source: Evolve]