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More Than 80,000 Dominoes Are Used In This Incredible Super Mario World Tribute

by Elise Favis on Aug 07, 2016 at 09:20 AM

It took him a month of hard work, but TheDominoKing, known for his impressive domino set-ups based on pop-cutlure and video games, has dedicated his newest video to Super Mario World. With 81,032 dominoes, he's intricately portrayed some of the game and Super Mario series' most beloved characters.

Throughout the video, you'll see Mario and Yoshi fight against a Goomba, a Koopa patrolling around a mushroom power-up, and other enemies including Mega Mole. The five minute video also shows off a Thwomp and a Lakitu, along with several other familiar faces. The set-up itself will blow you away. 

Finally, one of the ending images is of Bowser hovering in his Koopa Clown Car, referencing the platformer's final boss battle. Be sure to check out TheDominoKing's previous domino displays, which were dedicated to games such as Undertale and Sonic.

[Source: TheDominoKing on YouTube]