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Rumor: StarCraft HD On The Way

by Mike Futter on Aug 05, 2016 at 02:22 AM

With StarCraft II still going strong (and receiving new content), we might be revisiting where the story began soon. Rumor suggests that a reveal of an HD remake of the first entry in the series could be on the way in the coming months.

Established Korean outlet iNews24 says it has multiple sources saying StarCraft HD will be announced this fall. If accurate, the update would include enhanced graphics and a new user interface.

It’s unclear from the report if this update would simply be an effort to polish the original release or a full overhaul. The report suggests that September will bring the game’s first official mention, with a full reveal coming at Blizzcon.

The show takes place in Anaheim, California, from November 4 through 6. StarCraft was originally released in 1998. We've reached out to Blizzard for comment. We'll update should we receive a response.

Update: Blizzard doesn't have anything to share right now, a representative told us via email. "It all sounds like a cool idea but we don’t have any announcements to make at this time," we were told. We'll update if there's more information that emerges.

[Source: iNews24 via Kotaku]


Our Take
As Kotaku points out, the StarCraft II finals wrap up in September, but that seems like it might not be the moment with the biggest impact. Blizzcon has typically brought huge news, including the introduction of Overwatch, new Hearthstone expansions, and the reveal of major updates for World of Warcraft.

Alternatively, Blizzard has used the Gamescom window (taking place later this month in Germany) to great effect in the past. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls made its debut there in 2013, for instance. I’d suspect that one of those two would be a more impactful reveal, even if the hardest of the hard core are watching in September. This all assumes the rumor is correct, which we can't verify at this point, but this is something we'll keep eyes and ears on leading up to Blizzcon.