Evolve Stage 2 Goes Into Open Development With Bug And Update Tracking Tools

by Mike Futter on Aug 04, 2016 at 07:49 AM

Often, patch notes are our window into development, letting us know what’s already been changed. Turtle Rock is taking a different approach, cracking its process wide open and letting fans know exactly what’s being worked on for Evolve Stage 2. 

The team uses a project management tool called Trello to track progress on updates and fixes. Usually, this is an internal mechanism that isn’t often public-facing.

Turtle Rock has made its Trello board open to the public, allowing fans to see what new balances, bug fixes, perks, and adaptations are on the way. This is also a great way for the community to confirm if perceived bugs are actual problems.

For instance, right now there is an issue with the Behemoth’s tongue grab ability and a problem related to the Kraken at different altitudes. Those fixes are ready, but waiting for accompanying updates to be put into a patch.

They won’t be making the next update, which should roll out in the next week. That patch will include a new perk set for hunters and for monsters. 

For more on Evolve Stage 2, check out our coverage of this month’s bevy of updates.

[Source: Turtle Rock]


Our Take
Even if you’re not interested in Evolve Stage 2, this is neat way to see how developers approach updates and patches. I would love to see more studios in post-launch maintenance and update mode offer something like this (though I’m realistic about why that is wishful thinking).