You Can Buy A Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, But You Have To Guess What’s Inside

by Mike Futter on Aug 02, 2016 at 08:17 AM

Square Enix has been dancing around the concept of Final Fantasy XV DLC for a while now. We’ve had hints before that some of it will be paid content, but today we know for sure that there is a chunk of it on the way.

Final Fantasy XV will have a season pass. Those that purchase the $85 digital premium edition will get it included. There’s also an upgrade, though the price is hidden unless you’ve already pre-ordered the standard edition. It would make sense that it is $25, to bring you up to the premium version.

The most descriptive language we can find is on the upgrade store page. "The Season Pass allows you to download additional content," it reads. "This Upgrade is a special deal for customers who have already preordered the Final Fantasy XV digital edition."

There are absolutely no details about what’s included, though. Square Enix hasn’t even laid out how many add-ons its planning, and certainly hasn’t specified what form they will take.

When reached for comment, Square Enix says it has no additional information to share beyond what's listed on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: PlayStation Store]


Our Take
Earlier this year, executive editor Andrew Reiner penned a story called “Season Passes Are Starting To Sound Like Scams”. Publishers, please, stop asking us to buy things you aren’t even taking the time to detail. 

And customers, you wouldn’t buy an unmarked box on a retail shelf. You can help discourage this practice by exercising a bit of restraint.