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Bungie Reveals Destiny Plans After Rise Of Iron

by Matt Miller on Aug 02, 2016 at 07:27 AM

We just announced our cover story on Destiny: Rise of Iron, and this month’s magazine is the place to look to get the full scoop on the new expansion. However, in addition to extensive details about the latest expansion, we also spoke with Bungie about its plans for Destiny beyond September, and they shared some of what players can expect.

Fans of last year’s Halloween-themed event will be happy to hear that the Festival of the Lost is returning in October, along with new masks to chase and some other surprises. 

Following that, Bungie has also revealed that we’ll see the return of the Sparrow Racing League in December, including tweaks to existing tracks along with new tracks inspired by Rise of Iron’s environments. But beyond the racing experience, Bungie is eager to expand the winter event into something larger. “When we talk about SRL coming back, it’ll probably be wrapped in a different style, not just focused around SRL,” says live team director Jerry Hook. “Because some of the stuff that we learned from our players around the Sparrow Racing League is that some people didn’t like racing. So, can you do something with the event that helps support those players a little bit differently? Absolutely.”

Bungie is choosing to be upfront and open about its release plans post-expansion. By most measures, that's a step forward for the studio, which has previously been tight-lipped about nearly all Destiny content except for the most immediate release. The Bungie developers I spoke with implied that's something the team wants to change moving forward, with a move toward more clear communication about subsequent content drops. 

We talked extensively regarding that subject and the broader future of the Destiny franchise with both live team director Jerry Hook, as well as Bungie’s new CEO, Pete Parsons. You can read more of their comments in this month’s magazine cover story, available digitally right now. Click here to switch your print subscription to digital, or to create a new subscription to the digital edition, click here

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set for a release on September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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