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Meet The New Operators In Rainbow Six Siege's Skull Rain Update

by Haley MacLean on Aug 01, 2016 at 07:57 AM

A new trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege's Skull Rain update shows what new features players can expect when it releases tomorrow, including new characters, a map, and game mode.

The update will include two new Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE) operators, Caveira and Capitão. Caveria utilizes the Silent Step, a stealth technique allowing her to sneak up on her enemies and interrogate them for further information. Meanwhile, Capitão takes a more forward approach by using his tactical crossbow to fire lethal asphyxiating bolts and micro grenades. 

A new game mode entitled "Tactical Realism" limits the on-screen HUD to just the timer, compass, gadget, and weapon panels and allow players to mark enemies and kill conformations. A blog post from Ubisoft states it hopes this new mode inspires players to work as a unit and communicate enemy locations.    

The new Favela map is set in Brazil, and is also coming to Siege. All players can unlock the new map tomorrow, but only season pass holders unlock the BOPE operators immediately; other players have to wait until August 9. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more check out our review, the six ways we think Rainbow Six Siege is reinvigorating the tactical shooter, or the total patch notes for the Skull Rain update here.    


[Source: Ubisoft via YouTube]