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Overwatch Map Glitch Allows You To Explore Next Level In Nepal

by Elise Favis on Jul 30, 2016 at 05:45 AM

Thanks to a glitch, two Overwatch players have uncovered a way that allows you to jump to Nepal's next level, which is fully loaded in the far distance on another section.

In the video below, the players use two Mercys to methodically drift outside of the map's normal boundaries, to land on an entirely other area. The section explored below is usually only playable during a later round, but now you can immediately check it out at your leisure. While glitching your way to the next section requires some tricky maneuvering, it's a fun glitch that might not be around for much longer, as Blizzard may fix it with an upcoming patch.

When using this glitch, there are certain functions of the game that don't work. For example, you can't capture points there. However, you can still switch between heroes at starting bases. Health packs can also be found around the map as they normally would.

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[Source: YouTube via Reddit]