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PlayStation VR Guide Suggests Clearing About 60 Square Feet

by Mike Futter on Jul 29, 2016 at 05:05 AM

New PlayStation VR use details have emerged via PlayStation Asia. Information includes age warnings, required space, and recommended use scenarios.

The documentation specifies that some games will require Move controllers. Sony warns that controllers on the market right now may fail due to age of the batteries. Instead, the company wants PSVR customers to purchase a bundle of two Move units for $100.

The company says you’ll likely want to clear 60 square feet of ground space, as PSVR requires the PlayStation camera. For games using the dual shock controller, this is probably not quite as important. However you might need to explore the edges when playing Move-focused games.

Height of the monitored play area dependent on the camera’s physical position. Sony does recommended playing seated for the most part, though there are games that will have you on your feet and taking a step in your space.

Sony also recommends that those under the age of 12 should not use PlayStation VR. This mirrors recommendations made by other headset manufacturers.

PlayStation VR will be out on October 13.

Note: Sony's documentation does not specify that 60 square feet is a hard requirement. For many games, especially seated experiences, this will likely be more confined. We've updated this story and the headline to reflect this.

[Source: PlayStation Asia via Reddit]


Our Take
What’s not clear quite yet is how clutter in the play space impacts the experience. The chair indicates that this isn’t a Kinect situation, in which anything in the field of view would disrupt the sensor. Instead, this might be a safety issue related to waving your arms around while playing in an isolating headset.