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Nvidia Will Pay $30 Per Customer In GTX 970 Class Action Settlement

by Mike Futter on Jul 29, 2016 at 06:16 AM

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In 2015, Nvidia was named in a class action suit related to advertising claims of one of its popular cards. The GTX 970 was advertised as having 4GB of DDR5 memory. It turns out that’s not quite true.

The card has 3.5GB of DDR5 and a separate .5GB block of lower performing memory. The result in many cases is negligible. However, if you happen to be running a game that requires the full, advertised might of the 970, you’re going to have a problem.

The resulting settlement in the class action suit will see $30 paid out to eligible GTX 970 purchasers. Nvidia will also pay out $1.3 million in attorney fees.

The 970 is the baseline card for supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, so it’s still a powerful GPU. It just isn’t quite was advertised. If you’re eligible for the settlement, you should receive notification via mail or email.

[Source: Top Class Actions via PC Gamer]


Our Take
$30 isn’t going to get you a new GPU, but it’s better than nothing. If you are squirreling away funds for a new card though, both Nvidia and AMD both have some new, powerful options at reasonable prices.