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Fantasy Flight Is Bringing Doom To The Tabletop

by Mike Futter on Jul 28, 2016 at 11:08 AM

Fantasy Flight is no stranger to adapting popular video game franchises to the tabletop. Starcraft, Gears of War, and XCOM have all made the transition with success. Id Software’s Doom is the latest to get the board game treatment.

Doom pits a group of up to four players in control of marines against another player taking on the role of Hell’s forces. The Invader player will get to summon forces through portals around the modular, tile-based map.

Each of the six included missions has different objectives and special rules. Items and weapons are handled with cards, and each round of play is based on initiative draws that dictate when marines can move and attack and when the forces of Hell press in. Death is a certainty, but the marines can only respawn a set number of times before losing the mission. 

Doom appears to build on Fantasy Flight’s experience with asymmetric games like Descent and Star Wars: Imperial Assault. It also seems to build on themes similar to the Gears of War tabletop game but instead of enemies that function on an “AI” system, a player takes control here.

Doom will be in stores during holiday 2016. For more, check out the full rundown on Fantasy Flight's website.