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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: What's Your Crazy Pokémon Go Story?

by Kimberley Wallace on Jul 22, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Pokémon Go has captivated the masses. It's hard to go anywhere without seeing people playing it or hearing them talk about it. Niantic and Nintendo's latest app has come with its share of blessings, from getting people socializing to exercising, but we've also seen some weird and not-so-great occurrences, such as robberies and walking off cliffs, since its launch.

Recently, we compiled a list of some of the most bizarre stories thus far, but what's more amazing is just how everyone has their own stories about the popular app. I figured it would cool to share some of those with one another. For instance, I never expected my mom who isn't tech savvy to ask about it, or when I'm getting my coffee to have baristas ask me if I'm playing it. What's really amazed me is how this game is bringing people together, and has totally enamored a mainstream audience in a way that I haven't seen as long as I've been gaming. 

So, do you have a crazy story? How about something that has surprised you about it?

Tell your stories in the comments below, so we can all weigh in on how this surprising phenomenon has affected us.

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