Nintendo Shows Off NES Classic Mini With Throwback Slogan

by Mike Futter on Jul 21, 2016 at 08:34 AM

Nintendo has rolled out its first advertisement for the upcoming NES Classic Mini. Following in the footsteps of countless other plug-and-play devices with onboard game libraries, the upcoming homage console will bring with it 30 games.

The replica NES comes with an HDMI cable, one controller (additional pads will be available for $10), and the 30 titles listed here. It also comes with a heaping dose of nostalgia, as evidenced by the first commercial.

“Now You’re Playing with Power” was Nintendo’s slogan during the Nintendo Entertainment System’s heyday. While you might miss out on blowing in your cartridges (we should never have done that), stacking them two high to get a game to work, and praying a glitch didn’t destroy your high scoring run, this gives you a way to relive the glory days.

The only thing it seems you’ll be missing is the CRT scan lines. Maybe Nintendo will surprise us with a true nostalgia mode as we play these games in HD.