Ubisoft Financials Show Record Percentage Of Digital Revenue

by Matthew Kato on Jul 19, 2016 at 07:37 AM

During a financial call for the first fiscal quarter ending on June 30, Ubisoft touted sales that exceeded expectations, high digital sales, and increased engagement levels with titles like The Division.

Sales were at €139 million, up from the target of €125, with a record amount of digital sales. Digital revenue accounted for 75 percent (at €104.8 million) as compared to 56 percent last year, including "recurring player investment" in the form of DLC, season passes, etc. to the tune of €47.9 million – an increase of 113.8 percent. Ubisoft praised the player engagement level for titles like Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. Monthly active users in general were up 53 percent as compared to last year. The Crew was also singled out, particularly because it's been out since late 2014.

Ubisoft's €139 million in sales for the quarter is up 44 percent from the same period last year. Also rising were back-catalog sales, which increased by 36.3 percent year-on-year.

The company projects second-quarter sales at about €100 million, with a full year expectation for 2016-2017 at about €1,700 million.

According to Ubisoft, these first-quarter numbers make it the leading North American and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) publisher for the first six months of calendar 2016.


Our Take
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