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Game Theory Creator Discusses Gifting The Pope A Copy Of Undertale

by AJ Moser on Jul 06, 2016 at 06:56 AM

Popular YouTube channel The Game Theorists has been making videos for years that examine some of the most popular video games of all time. Creator Matthew Patrick's most recent video is more of a personal tale about his experience meeting Pope Francis and the importance of Undertale.

Scholas, an organization led by Pope Francis and the Vatican to further understand the social intersections of technology, arts, sports, invited YouTubers to a conversation with the Pope himself. Francis was one such selected creator and traveled to Rome to engage with other users from around the world.

Following Catholic custom, Patrick presented the Pope with a gift on behalf of the culture he represents and chose a Steam code for the game Undertale. He has uploaded a lengthy video discussing the process and why he feels Undertale was the right game to choose.

A few spoilers for Undertale are in the video, so avoid watching if you are worried about completing the game yourself. The video is also not overtly about Christianity, but rather the social perception of those who play video games and the changing state of the medium. From a psychological and anthropological perspective, his reflection should be interesting to most gamers.

[Source: The Game Theorists]