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Resident Evil 7 Teaser Tops Most-Downloaded PS4 Demo List

by Jeff Cork on Jul 05, 2016 at 04:45 AM

With Resident Evil 7, Capcom is moving away from its usual survival-horror playbook and changing the series from a traditional third-person perspective to a first-person view. Naturally, fans were curious to see how the change would affect the beloved franchise, which they could do courtesy of a free teaser demo on PlayStation 4 that accompanied the game's E3 reveal. As it turns out, a lot of fans were curious.

According to Capcom, the demo broke a download record. It's quite a specific record – "the most downloaded single-player demo on PS4 in the first seven days of release for North America" – but it's an achievement regardless. The demo, which is only available to members of the PlayStation Plus service, has been downloaded more than two million times worldwide since its June 13 release.

If you're curious about the experience, which is heavily reminiscent of Konami's P.T. demo from a few years ago, you can watch our recent Test Chamber


Our Take
I had a fun time exploring the ruined house in the demo, and I'm definitely intrigued about what exactly went on within its crumbling walls. I'm curious to see how many people will check out Resident Evil 7 once it's released and they have to pay for it. At the very least, Capcom gave its audience a chance to see where they were taking the series first-hand, which could help answer a few broad questions before Resident Evil 7's January 24 release.