Former DICE CEO Karl Magnus Troedsson Joins Indie Publisher Raw Fury

by Jeff Cork on Jul 01, 2016 at 04:27 AM

Indie publishing house Raw Fury has announced that it's added a new employee to its ranks, and he comes with an impressive resume. Karl Magnus Troedsson has left his position as GM and CEO at DICE in Sweden and VP of Group Strategy at EA to become the fifth employee at the company. Raw Fury eschews formal job titles, but Troedsson joins as a co-owner and partner.

In a blog post on its site, the company describes Troedsson  as a kindred spirit, with a passion for independent development. "When KM started in this industry he was a part of creating small games," the post says. "He journeyed into the land of AAA and now returns, with a wealth of experience, to support those who are about to start their very own journey."

Raw Fury got some attention a while back for its positive treatment of Clifftop Games, the one-person development studio behind the adventure game Kathy Rain. The game underperformed upon release, but Raw Fury took the unusual step of continuing to support the studio for 12 months.


Our Take
Troedsson has been a public face for the Battlefield studio for years now, and his departure is as surprising as his destination. We spoke to him at length during our Battlefield 3 cover story, and it was clear that he remained interested and engaged in game design, even as his responsibilities within the company grew throughout the years. Now that he's at a much smaller company, he'll have the opportunity to get much closer to the action than he may have within a larger company like EA or DICE. As Raw Fury says, his responsibilities in the team range "from building booths to helping out with production. From interviews to reading through contracts."