Check Out Some Of The Characters Cut From Street Fighter V

by Blake Hester on Jun 30, 2016 at 08:10 AM

Capcom recently revealed some of the characters it cut from Street Fighter V. Among them are politicians, soccer players, and a "clumsy cutie."

Of the characters, some are in more complete stages than others – some are merely rough sketches – but it's interesting to see some of the different angles its cut characters took. Check out a description of each below and their designs in the gallery.

Fighting Literary Master – An older character constantly talking to himself under his breath. However, according to Capcom's post, "The pen is not mightier than the sword in this game."

Fighting President – A fighting politician, an idea that also came up during ideas for Street Fighter IV

Clumsy Cutie – A character whose clothes become more torn the more she fights.

Miss Babo – An idea the team had while designing Laura, who looks like she was cut fairly early in the drafting process.

Soccer Fighter – A "Brazilian male representative," this character was cut for being too similar to Roberto from Rival Schools.

Gen's Disciple – This character studied Gen's Assassin's Fist, continuing its legacy.

The Teacher – An idea that came about while designing F.A.N.G. This character came about as the team wanted a dark character, however he was cut for not being "evil enough."

Prototype Shadaloo Soldier – For this design, Capcom took inspiration from the Alien Vs. Pretador series. This character looks like one of the more complete of those cut.

On July 1, Street Fighter receives a cinematic story mode, two new characters, two new fighters, new stages, and new costumes .

[Source: Capcom]

Our Take
We don’t often get to see scrapped designs for games, and these give us an idea of Capcom’s veto process. We might see some of these again later in more refined form, but hopefully they get a lot more polish should they make the cut for another game.