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Check Out Some Weird Early Designs For The Original Xbox's Controller

by Blake Hester on Jun 29, 2016 at 08:35 AM

Seamus Blackley, former Microsoft employee and part of the team in charge of designing the original Xbox, recently uploaded some early designs for the original Xbox controller to his personal Twitter. And they're kind of weird.

The designs, which Blackley notes are from November 1999, show a controller heavily influenced by Sega's 1999 console, the Dreamcast – which he points out in a later Tweet was "king" at the time. However, Blackley also says the team at Microsoft quickly discarded these designs. You can check out the bizarre designs in the gallery below.

Microsoft ultimately shipped the Xbox in 2001 with the infamously large "Duke" controller, a move we named "Blunder Of The Year" in our January 2002 issue. Blackley recently revealed early plans to give away the console for free.

[Source: Seamus Blackely on Twitter]