Play Any Heroes Of The Storm Character For Free Until June 28

by Elise Favis on Jun 25, 2016 at 06:30 AM

A special Heroes of the Storm event allows you to play as any character for free until June 28.

This event celebrates the global summer championship in which the e-sports team Tempest was victorious. For the next few days, you have complete access to all heroes. This also includes recently added characters, such as Chromie and Medivh. In addition to the completely free roster available, Blizzard is offering a discounted bundle for heroes and skins chosen by Tempest. For a bit over $40, these include:

  • Brightwing – Monarch Brightwing skin
  • Tyrael – Demonic Tyrael
  • Greymane – Ringleader Greymane
  • Tassadar – Mecha Tassadar
  • Falstad – Buccaneer Falstad

Find out more about Heroes of the Storm by reading our feature about why it might be the perfect MOBA. Overwatch character Tracer was also recently added to the roster.

[Source: Heroes of the Storm blog]