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Bungie Updates On Destiny Crucible Delays And Balance Changes

by Matt Miller on Jun 23, 2016 at 01:24 PM

Destiny has faced some technical challenges in recent days, as both Trials of Osiris and the monthly Iron Banner tournament were removed from rotation to address matchmaking issues. A new hotfix has recently deployed, which hopefully resolves the issue. Bungie addressed the topic in a recent post on the official site.  

Barring any newly emergent problems, Bungie is tentatively proclaiming that Trials of Osiris will be back for this weekend, and that Lord Saladin may return next week to host the Iron Banner tournament. “This is no time to create a gulf between you and the sole surviving Iron Lord,” writes David “Deej” Dague in the update, no doubt referring to Saladin’s impending starring role in Rise of Iron

The Bungie post also responds to recent frustrations from Hunter players, who saw some significant tweaks and nerfs to the class in the recent June update. To clarify reasoning behind the changes, a graph shows Bungie’s user data regarding kill-death ratios for each class. Within the chart, it’s abundantly clear that Hunters had a significant advantage prior to the June update when playing either their gunslinger or bladedancer subclasses. Based on the data, it’s not hard to understand Bungie’s desire for some significant reworking. As the June update is relatively recent, Bungie has yet to provide clear data about how K/D ratios are faring in recent days.


Our Take
Players of an ongoing game like Destiny can get frustrated when they don’t hear clear messaging regarding why certain features are changed, cancelled, or rebalanced. This kind of communication from Bungie goes a long way towards easing frustrations that Destiny’s community may have about problems within the game.