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LucidSound Expands Sleek Headset Range With Surround Sound, Compact Models

by Mike Futter on Jun 22, 2016 at 06:46 AM

At PAX East, we got the opportunity to take LucidSound’s inaugural headset, the LS30, out for a spin. The comfortable stereo headset works great with mobile devices via a 3.5mm cable and even better with the uncompressed wireless sound.

Right before E3, the company announced two more models. The LS20 is an on-ear headset, as opposed to the larger can-type over-ear models that are more prevalent in high-end audio. 

The LS20 works with consoles and includes a removable boom mic, but is designed as much for on-the-go use. It’s a slimmer profile than the LS30 and other gaming headsets, but it continues to offer amplified audio via an internal, rechargeable battery. 

The more portable model also features smartphone integration that puts some control of a phone attached via four-pole connector on the earcups. This includes answering calls and simple pause/fast-forward for audio.

The LS20 sounded great in our limited testing. On-ear headsets aren’t typically as comfortable (and we still have yet to put them through extended use), but the LS20 is well-padded and light.

The LS40 was teased at PAX, bringing surround sound audio to the LucidSound line. The 7.1 DTS-enabled headset features many of the same core elements of the stereo LS30, including on-ear control dials and mute buttons, removable boom and integrated microphone options, and multiple modes (in this case, two surround sound and three stereo options).

The surround sound model also features the smartphone integration and also verbal response cues. You won’t need to remember what different beep combinations mean thanks to a friendly voice in your ear. 

I had the opportunity to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops III with the surround sound option. Despite the large 50mm drivers, the sound was crisp and not muddied like many headsets sporting larger, bass-heavy speakers. Toggling between stereo and surround presented a noticeable difference, though the two-channel option still sounded full and vibrant.

Both new models will be out during the 2016 holiday season. The LS20 will retail for $99. The LS40 will be priced at $199.